Wooden Gift Ideas

Posted on June 21, 2017 by Fatih Çiğdem

It is not always easy to buy a gift for anyone and anytime. It depends on people and where to buy from! This blog will help you to buy unique wooden gift products. Of course it comes our mind Woodstone wooden watches and Woodstone wooden sunglasses, once we say wooden gift ideas. Our products are completely natural and different varieties of wood such as maple wood, sandalwood and walnut. Recently, wooden gift ideas are great gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays and of course for valentine's day! 


Woodstone wooden watches and Woodstone wooden sunglasses are getting more popular all around the World. The main reasons of this popularity are products are be durable, sustainable, aesthetic appearance and easily adjustable links. Wooden watches and wooden sunglasses may not take the first place in the gift option to buy, but they are always present with the gift option because people who love wooden is increasing day by day.


It is not only a wooden watch and wooden sunglasses to buy wooden products, when we mention about wooden gift ideas. You can look for wooden phone cases, wooden coffee cups or even wooden t-shirts. The bottom line is there are many varieties wooden products, so you can buy at least one of them for your lover, family or brother. I am pretty sure they will love it. Wooden gift options are both natural and useful, which is great advantage for children and the family. I know that the concern of families is that gifts are not made from harmful substances and only natural products. Therefore, you can use your healthy wooden gift products for a gift for your friends and family. Even, you can also recommend these gift ideas for anyone.

You can share your sincere comments and other gift options with us here in below, :)

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Father`s day gift guide

Posted on May 17, 2017 by Fatih Çiğdem

For certain, to buy gifts to our father is an issue, because there are not many gift options for them. Specially when they are getting older, it is getting harder. Once I bought a gift for my father couple years ago, he told me that he is not a child any more for this kind of gifts. This shows it is not an easy to choose a gift for fathers. So this blog will help you to choose best gift ideas for fathers.

1-Woodstone Wooden Watches

No matter what age he is, our Woodstone wooden watches always would be fit for your father. We have different models and different colors. He might like black sandalwood, rosewood or green sandalwood, we have them all. It is better for you to take a look to our collection. I am pretty sure that he will like it.

2-Woodstone Wooden Sunglasses

Our nice looking and organic Woodstone wooden sunglasses are also good choice for father`s day gift ideas. You need to make them feel important with buying natural products such as watches and sunglasses. In my opinion, you can make a point shot, when you buy these  sustainable products.


Drones have become very popular lately. Some fathers still love big toys. Drones are actually more than toys. Drones are not just a toy, it is also a camera, it can take your picture from the air and family picture would be nice from the above. :)

I would rather to buy gift that is useful and can be used in everyday, so all you need to do is to buy gifts that can be used all the time such as natural and durable items.

If you add more gift ideas, please write your comments here in below. :)

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Anniversary Celebration

Posted on May 05, 2017 by Fatih Çiğdem

Anniversary Celebration

Obviously, Anniversary celebrations are the most common parties for parents. To making a anniversary celebration is also important for partners that show their respects and loves each other for years. This blog will help you out how to make a unforgettable anniversary celebration at all. 

Before anything else, you have to remember your anniversary day that most of us forget about the exact day time to time. So the bottom line is we need to take a note when your anniversary date is. After that, if you will celebrate your first anniversary, then you can choose a good quality restaurant, but sometimes people live in small village or a town that there is no good quality restaurant, then you can take your partner to a sea side, or go for picnic with full of roses and candles. I am sure, this makes your partner will fall in love with you again. Because your first anniversary celebration is important for memories.

If you will celebrate your any other anniversary, then you make a plan for your partner very modest way. You can even celebrate your anniversary while cycling near the river, or you can take your partner to a restaurant in the forest. Beside these I would suggest you to buy a memorable gift for your partner such as natural products at your anniversary celebration. We can also recommend our wooden watches and wooden sunglasses. Woodstone wooden watches and sunglasses are always good choice to buy a gift for partners. Even you can buy pair of wooden watches or wooden sunglasses. This way people might stare your matching watches and ask many questions about the watch.

If you like to contribute to us, you can type it here in below, :)

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The Most Popular Woodstone Watches

Posted on April 13, 2017 by Fatih Çiğdem

Obviously, all of our products are unique, but some of them are the most popular. This blog helps you to choose one of them from our collection. I have already made a list for men and women products for you. 

Top three watches for men

1-Troy Rosewood

Our Troy rosewood model features modern and timeless design with the real wooden face. Troy is a minimalist and everyday watch that will truly stand out from other regular watches. Rosewood is a premium good-looking wood, which is usually used for high-class furnitures. The products made from rosewood have smooth surface. Beside furniture production, rosewood is used for musical instruments, boats and floorings. Rosewood is also important natural resource due to its essential oils, which has numerous health benefits.

2-Troy Sandalwood

Our Troy black sandalwood model is well designed and good looking product. Black sandalwood is rich and dark in appearance. It’s usually used for high-end furnitures. Black sandalwood grows in Southern Australia, especially in state of Tasmania. It’s easy to work with and durable wood, which lasts many years.

3-Troy Green Sandalwood

Troy Green Sandalwood is one of my favourite watch. Green Sandalwood is a highly aromatic tropical tree. Oil distilled from Green sandalwood is used extensively in perfumes. Today green sandalwood is one of the most important perfume materials in the fine fragrance industry. As the time pass , green sandalwood might change in colour and become darker or lighter depends on the exposure to light. 

Top three watches for women

1-Queen Black sandalwood

Our female model Queen Original has an elegant and feminine design that feautures combination of Swarovski rhinestones and Roman numerals on dial. It’s light and simple in design. A unique daily watch for women.Black sandalwood is rich and dark in appearance. It’s usually used for high-end furnitures. Black sandalwood grows in Southern Australia, especially in state of Tasmania. It’s easy to work and durable wood, which lasts many years.

2-Queen Purpleheart

Our Queen Purpleheart is very superior model of our collection. Purpleheart is a hardwood from Central and South America. Purpleheart is prized by woodworkers and craftsmen for its beautiful color and durability. Purpleheart is mainly used for flooring, furniture and musical instruments.


3-Queen Maple Wood

People love Queen Maple wood because the colour is very similar with inside of the wood. It is very attractive. Maple is one of the most favourite wood of furniture makers due to its strength, beauty and ease of working with. Also today most of the musical instrument have parts made from maple wood.


Hopefully, this blog helps you well. If you have any questions or add comments, please feel free to contact with us or write down here in below, :)

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Benefits of wood watch

Posted on February 23, 2017 by Fatih Çiğdem

Firstly, before I talk about the benefits of wooden watch, I would like to mention about importance of the wood material.

Wood is known not only for its beautiful appearance, but for it's natural and environmental friendliness. Wood is also durable and strong. It usually depends on wood, for instance oak wood is heavy and very strong, and maple wood is lighter than the oak. 

Of course wood watches are healthier than metal, aluminum and other kind of watches. It also helps your body stay calm, and away from stress. 

Scientists have proven that, concrete materials such as steel, aluminium or plastics change in size when the heat affects, this is why it is organic.

The main subject is, wood watch is eco friendly, naturally, ecologist and nice looking. These are just few reasons just to wear a wooden watch.

Here is our Troy green sandalwood model. Green Sandalwood is a highly aromatic tropical tree. Oil distilled from Green sandalwood is used extensively in perfumes. Today Green sandalwood is one of the most important perfume materials in the fine fragrance industry. As the time pass , green sandalwood might change in colour and become darker or lighter depends on the exposure to light. 

Woodstone watches and sunglasses are produced with natural and untreated woods. Therefore our products are hypoallergenic. Because, wood is a natural material, it will soak up the moisture from your wrist, which will help the watch to maintain its look.

Wooden watches can also attract people's attention with its aesthetic appearance. Here is one of our Troy black sandalwood model. Black sandalwood is rich and dark in appearance. It’s usually used for high-end furnitures. Black sandalwood grows in Southern Australia, especially in state of Tasmania. It’s easy to work with and durable wood, which lasts many years.

Wood is one of the material grows naturally and restorable. As we Woodstone wooden watches, we are using recycled wooden for our products and we plant 10 trees for each purchase. At the moment, we are creating our Woodstone forest. We always try to look forward and want to leave a better world where our children can live comfortably.

If you want to contribute to us, you can comment here in below. :)



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5 Eco-friendly gift ideas

Posted on February 01, 2017 by Fatih Çiğdem

It is very important to become an environmental conscious person, because we only have one world to live in and we should leave a better world for our next generation. There are many things we can do to help mother earth. For instance we can reduce our dependance on fuel, plant more trees to increase oxygen, using recycled products, protect environment and animals and we can count many more..

We can start to save our world by using eco-friendly products. We have complied a list of eco-friendly products ideas. 

1-Woodstone Wooden Watches

Obviously our beautiful wood watches comes first when we talk about eco-friendly product. Our wood watches are made of completely chemical free all natural wood and they are fashionable. By using our sustainable wood watches, you make a statement that you care about our environment. Its not uncommon that people will stare at your unique watch on the streets, in the school or work, wherever you go. We also plant a tree for every purchase of our customer make and which will greatly support our environment. 

2-Eco-Friendly Bags

For every time you shop you don`t need to buy plastic bags. With reusable bags, you will help out our environment. It is also looks much better than plastic bags. You can use it any time when you go to shopping or even picnic with family and friends. It is also more comfortable to carry than plastic ones.  

3-Organic Clothing

Organic cotton is growing so fast. It is important to use these pure products, because clothing completely touches our skin every minute of our day. Organic clothing manufactured without any harmful chemicals such as dyeing with harmful paints. They manufacture for adults and children. World Health Organisation also support these harmless organic fabric.

4-Wooden tables

Dining room table is actually heart of the house. It is where family gather and have fun. Just imagine, you are with your family or lovely friends having dinner or having a 5 o`clock tea time on eco-friendly and organic table. It is pretty cool and it usually lasts decades.

5-Naturel Organic Soaps

Regular soaps are not that innocent anymore. We need to pay more attention when we are using off the shelf soaps. Most of people think soaps are soaps but, often they contains harmful chemicals in it. Natural soaps are made for people who take their skin care and overall health importance


If you want to add more Eco friendly products here, please share with us.



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Life begins after coffee

Posted on January 10, 2017 by Fatih Çiğdem

In this 21st century, coffee became one of the most popular drink around the world. Especially in some countries people consume large amount of coffee. For instace in Finland, people drink  9.6 kg of coffee per capita. Nations are all around the world, consume coffee with different grinds, such as Turkish coffee, instant coffee or espresso. Coffee has also caffeine, which makes people awake and feel fresh in the morning.

So, who wants some hot and aromatic a cup of coffee? :)

If we dig little bit into the history of coffee, people in Ethiopia had found first coffee beans.The myth was that, a shepherd sees one of his goats eats coffee beans and the goat starts to jump itself. After seeing his goat acts more energetic, the shepherd wonders, is it the coffee bean that makes the goat jump? To find it out he tries one of those beans. Eventually, he eats and started to feel great. As the time goes, people have learned how to consume this bean in different ways and eventually made a delicious coffee we know today. One thing we know, much water has flown beneath the bridge, so we don`t eat , coffee beans , we actually drink it. 

Coffee can be drink in hot or cold, but generally hot is preferred. Best coffees usually made by coffee shops by experts we call them Baristas. Baristas don`t only make a cup of coffee, they do art. Because they use milk to make interesting shapes on cup of coffee, which we call it latte. People also brew themselves at home. They sometimes cook the coffee which is famous in Balkan countries. 

Time is important, wake up early in the morning and look at your beautifully designed Woodstone wooden watch and realise it`s time to leave the bed and have a fresh cup of coffee. 

Let us know what is your favourite cup of coffee down below :)

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